Sugar Creek Plantation

in McRae, Georgia

The perfect venue for weddings, parties, meetings retreats, reunions, or romantic getaways.

The home of a Georgia political dynasty has stepped beyond the curtain to reintroduce itself.

It emerged revitalized just before Christmas of 2013, its iron gates opened to a new life.

For the first time ever, the historic home, midway between Macon and the coast, is open to Georgians who have long held the simple desire to experience its charms and to luxuriate in the mysterious "mansion" that rose from Depression-era impoverishment in a world gone by.

Newspapers of the era referred to the Telfair County home as the governor's "Sugar Creek plantation."  And, indeed, it is - a pine plantation where loblollies stand in planted rows, soon to be joined by the beautiful and historic long-leaf pines that once covered the landscape in these parts of rural Georgia.

In its new life, Sugar Creek Plantation is more than a tree farm.  It is a place for small groups of people to gather for special events.  For business.  For civic or social events.  For catered lunches or dinners.  For weddings, showers or for other parties.  Four bedrooms, a cozy three-room cottage, and a two-bedroom cottage nearby provide convenient sleeping accommodations for guests.

And, on its vast lawn spread among the towering pines, it is a place for some of life's happiest moments as brides and grooms commit before friends and family to love, honor, and cherish each other.